A chance to come into being in architecture industry may be participation in the one of the international competitions related to this area. Such possibility gives  prestigious Europan competition, in which young architects compete for the title of the best in engineering design and construction category. This tournament was first organized in 1988.

The winners of Europan competition are chosen every two years. Eligible to apply are professionals up to 40 years of age, interested in a wide field of spatial development. Innovative project concerning residential buildings in one of European cities is subjected to assessment. Europan competition is regarded as one of the most prestigious competition due to the creation of new architectural possibilities that can significantly improve quality of life in Europe. Participants have the opportunity to collaborate with building investors who are willing to implement their ideas.

Europan, at the beginning of its existence, applied only to nine European countries. Currently, there are 22 countries, which allows to extend the activities in favour of architecture of almost the entire continent. International discussion leads to cooperation on developing new building concepts and their successive implementation. Participants are not limited only to their own country. Their ideas may be related to any place in Europe, where it is worth to apply some changes in order to improve the situation in the local residential construction.