Pritzker Prize

Pritzker Prize is the distinction granted annually to a person who had a significant impact on the development of a man-friendly architecture. This decoration was established by  Jay Pritzker in 1979. The best architect is selected by special committee of the Hyatt Foundation. Award can be granted to a living creator, whose art or architectural concept, has a positive impact on buildings and structures that serve people.

Laureate of Pritzker Prize is granted with a unique medallion and a cash bonus of 100 thousand of dollars. Since 1987, each winner also receives a unique architectural Henry Moore sculpture. Gala awards  is also an important event for the Hyatt Foundation, which thus can attract new investors.

Pritzker family, whose name is also the name of the prize, belonged to the group of highly regarded business clan. The headquarter of their family business was located in Chicago. Pritzker family members were very socially active, they were supporting primary  education, development of medical science and culture. Originators of the prize were Jay Pritzker and his wife Cindy, who as owners of Hyatt hotels, agreed to fund a special award for talented architects.

Pritzker Prize is considered to be prestigious award, moreover it is the most important distinction in the architectural industry. It is strongly patterned, especially in the terms of procedures of granting, on the famous Nobel Prize. The award is usually presented in May, in various places around the world which are particularly significant for architectural trade.